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TRIEDE T Ti was born in 2012 inheriting all the know-how and experience that the Information Technology department of TRIEDE has acquired for over a decade, on the development of information systems for environmental and port management.

Combining their experience with customer collaboration and R&D institutions, TRIEDE T Ti has extended the range of products and services that have shown a great response to the needs and requirements of all port industry.

The efficiency of a port is the most attractive feature for a carrier!

  • complexity management

    Port Authorities have to manage the complexity of information concerning the areas that are under their jurisdiction: Maritime and land infrastructure; Management ruled areas; Maritime operations; Navegability; Environment; Security

  • interoperability

    "An important premise for the proper functioning of a port is to establish a common language between different specialists, emphasizing the need for interaction and ongoing evaluation, as well as concern with the interfaces between its various parts" Kawamoto, 1994

  • integrated view

    The link between the strategic and operational areas, with provision and sharing of structured data in a georeferenced environment to support decision making, introduce added value to the port, its terminals, its intermodality and other actors of the port community ecosystem

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GIS / Interoperability

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Computer Graphics

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Mobile Computing

TRIEDE T TI has a multidisciplinary team consisting of computer engineers, geographer engineers and Geographic Information Systems technicians. Has expertise in GIS and International Standards, 2D / 3D computer graphics, parallel processing, Web environments and building applications for mobile platforms. The team has also skills in the area of Database optimization and dimensional modeling, and characterization processes with recognized methodologies (UMM), resulting from projects already developed and collaboration with INESCTEC


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